Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go Works with any vehicle.
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Product Features:

  • Automatically unlocks the vehicle when you're approaching and locks it when you walk away.
  • Works with any vehicle regardless of its┬ámanufacturer, year, model or fuel type.
  • Compatible with any phone, regardless of Operating System (Android, iPhone, WinMo etc).
  • Complete hands free operation, no manual interaction.
  • No transmitter batteries or any expensive factory transmitters to replace.
  • Easily installs as any standard vehicle alarm system.
  • Does not replace your current alarm system, works as an additional locking/unlocking device.
  • Does not affect any vehicle Bluetooth Hands Free system.

Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go has been designed to function in any vehicle, regardless of its fuel type, manual or automatic transmission, etc. This is a complete product, no additional aftermarket components required. Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go is meant to work with any Bluetooth enabled device, like phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, PDAs, headsets, ear headsets etc. Once registered with Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go, the device works as keyless entry system.

The vehicle will automatically be unlocked when the device is in range and lock when device goes out of range. Or simply sitting next to your vehicle, by enabling or disabling bluetooth on the registered portable device. Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go can work with only one bluetooth device at a time. The typical lock/unlock range is about 20m (65ft), but may depend on your device Bluetooth's signal strength. We have seen 10m (32ft) range but we also have seen 70m (230ft).

Package contents:

  • Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go

  • Color coded wires
  • T-taps connectors
  • Installation Manual


Bluetooth Keyless Entry - Keyless Go User's Manual was organized and listed in PDF document format. All pdf manuals can be downloaded at no costs or browsed by online pdf document viewer.

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