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    Ideas & Innovation

    SMDevs starts off by developing ideas and innovative technologies on the IT and electronics market.

    The whole process of innovation involves research and development in order to create products that cover a specific consumer need.

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    Research & Development

    Designing the product is a two step process: firstly, exploring the technical solutions and chosing the right path, and secondly, testing features and adjusting prototipes.

    After this development process is complete, manufacturing of the final product can begin.

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    The last step is manufacturing the final product, which involves refining its features, selecting the most cost efficient components and putting the product on the market.

    After the product is sold, after sales support is also provided as to complete the consumer experience.

SMDevs is an emerging company based in North-East Europe. We are a young, dynamic team, eager to devise interesting and useful gadgets.
In 2008, we decided to channel our enthusiasm into creating our very own range of products. Since then, we look around us to find inspiration in everyday items, and find better ways to use existing technology. The team is comprised of both software and hardware engineers which use imagination, drive and skills to elaborate new technologies. Our vision is simple: technology made available for everyday use in a friendly manner..

Our brand promises are:

  • Useful, easy to operate technology
  • Built-in reliability
  • Pioneer technical solutions
  • Continuous after sales assistance.
We hope that our passion for technology will create rapid advances on the electronic equipment market.
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